Structuring a Google Ad

The following is intended as a brief, rough guide for my clients to assist them with their thinking around what they need to provide when creating ads for a Google Ads campaign. As such it is not intended as a definitive, or complete reference. Ads are only part of the equation. Ads sit within ad … Read more

WordPress Core, Theme and/or Plugin Updates

Why am I getting charged for these, & what are they exactly? Unless you are on a support contract this is part of the ongoing maintenance required to keep your website running smoothly & to keep it secure. Hang on, shouldn’t this be included in my hosting charges? Most of the time, minor, incremental updates … Read more

If you call me on the phone

I’m not ignoring you if I don’t answer. Here’s the thing, I’m busy (aren’t we all, I know). Phone calls & emails are interruptions. That’s why I’m no longer living in my inbox. It’s too disruptive. If its a number I don’t recognise (i.e. its not an existing client of mine), I won’t answer it. … Read more

I’m trying something new

Starting today, I will only check my email periodically during the course of the day. The reasoning behind this is I’ve been spending too much of my time, working in my email.It’s distracting & has been keeping me from focussing on important tasks. So, 8 am, 10 am, 2 pm & 4 pm I will … Read more

Text too small to read? Clickable elements too close together?

These are two of the most common mobile usability alerts raised by Google search console or a Mobile-Friendly Test are Text too small to read and Clickable elements too close together. However, they are often false negatives, and many clients find themselves at a loss on how to resolve the issue. The potential reasons for these errors are: … Read more

DELETE Facebook

I stumbled across this site the other day, which I wholeheartedly endorse. If you have any interest or concerns with your online privacy, I encourage you to look. The social network ‘profits from polarization’ as it ‘validates and exploits our biases’.It’s divisive and exploitative to the point of being complicit in genocide.