COVID 19 Update

It’s business as usual Well, at least as normal as possible, so if you have any updates, questions or concerns during this time – please reach out. The reality is I work in self-isolation three days a week anyway (which means I work from home, with my cats) so not a lot has changed for … Read more

The process I follow when refreshing an existing WordPress website

There are plenty of resources online that cover this topic, and they are potentially better written & illustrated, however, this is a short explanation of the typical process I follow, & the various steps involved. Firstly, I’m assuming you have some ideas around what it is you’d like refreshed; this is generally a selection of … Read more

The Principle of Least Privilege

The principle of least privilege means only having the access you need to do your job. Summary Credential harvesting and unauthorised access causes a large number of security related incidents, and can lead to larger issues when users have excessive or administrative permissions. Getting access to an account with a lot of permissions is great … Read more

Why SSL?

Security, Consumer Confidence & Google The biggest reason every website should switch to HTTPS (or use an SSL Certificate) is security. Tasks like logging in, performing administrative actions, accepting form submissions and making payments, should all be encrypted to make it harder for third parties to gain access to sensitive information. It also benefits consumer … Read more

Why the increase in hosting charge?

The solution I was offering you was not meeting my expectations Last year I reluctantly undertook to move all of my client sites from my past supplier, to what was (hopefully) going to be a much-improved service. You may recall that I mentioned this in an email to you at some point during 2017. My … Read more