How much will it cost? How long will it take?

These are the two most common questions I receive, which isn’t surprising. I don’t know of a way to 100%, accurately, predict costs and time frames in this industry. Web development projects are highly susceptible to scope creep.

In the interests of transparency, and out of respect for my craft, my desire to do the best I can for my clients, and, remain in business – I provide estimates, not quotes. They are generally pretty accurate estimates. I’ve been doing this for a while.

Yes, estimates – not quotes, but don’t panic.

I set budget alerts, generally once we reach 50% and 75% of what I estimate your project will cost. So you won’t get any unpleasant surprises.

So, in the interests of providing a resource I can point prospective clients to, rather than continually typing the same email response, here are some guidelines*.

A simple, but very professional promotional website
$2-$3k +GST

A commerce website, selling products or services
$4-$6k +GST

Time frames – 4-6 weeks generally.
That is dependent upon my current workload and the project’s complexity. It may be shorter; it may be longer. It is also highly reliant on the timely provision of the resources I require to do my job – i.e. content.

In Summary

These are only guidelines – designed to provide you with an idea of the costs and time frames you can expect if you’d like to engage my professional services. These guidelines are no substitute for having a conversation.

I generally don’t build anything for under $2k, or in two weeks. $2k doesn’t often provide the desired results and a time frame like two weeks usually isn’t an option.

I do hope this helps your decision of whether or not to pursue your project with me.

* remember, these are only guidelines.

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