Theme Framework & Premium Plugin Licences

What are these & why am I getting charged for them?

You’ve invested in your website, and it’s my responsibility to protect that. There are vital areas that should be taken care of – security, backup’s & performance.

WordPress is a fantastic system to choose for your website, and there are a great many free plugins & themes on the market; however, these do not come with a guarantee of quality, or ongoing support to keep pace with the frequent updates to the core WordPress software.

That’s where premium theme frameworks & premium plugins come in. Developed & supported by a team of people (it’s their business) they charge companies like mine an annual fee to retain access to support & updates as WordPress evolves & matures.

Theme frameworks take care of the look & feel of the site, the way it functions across multiple devices like tablets & mobiles.
Plugins provide extra functionality over and above what the core WordPress software offers.

I use a select few on all my builds, covering those critical areas I mentioned, some or all of these are likely included on your annual website hosting invoice.

I purchase a developer licence from these companies, which means I can pass on savings to you – over what you would pay if you were to buy an individual licence for your site alone.

This is not a ‘clip the ticket’ exercise. I don’t put a margin on what I charge for these licences. I pass on the savings to you as it’s in my best interests to do so.

Here’s some of those select few:

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this, please contact me.