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      Website Resource Requirements

      How to provide copy, images, documents & video

      To make sure your project gets off to a good start, please provide all resources in the following formats

      Not all of these may be relevant to your project – if you’re unsure of which items you need to be concerned about – please contact me directly.

      Regarding providing these resources, you can email them through, share them using a service like DropBox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or on a USB Drive which can be couriered to my postal address. If you’re based in Christchurch central, I may be able to collect.

      Sitemaps – or Navigational Structure

      I’ll work with you on this, but if you can provide a basic structure or skeleton, that will help speed up the process.
      I generally use MindNode, however there are plenty of alternatives (Excel is ok).
      As long as there is an obvious parent/child hierarchy then that’s a good start.
      For example;

      • Home (parent, or top level)
        • About Us (child of Home, or second level)
        • Meet the Team
      • Contact Us

      Written Content or Copy

      All written content should be provided in a Word (Windows) or Pages (Mac) document.
      Each page of your site should be provided as a separate Word or Pages document.

      Hand written, or scanned documents are not acceptable. If that is the only way you can provide copy then additional charges will be incurred to have this typed up & then checked for grammar & spelling.

      Heading hierarchy should be specified – or at least considered, as well as any other formatting requirements (bold, italic, block quotes, un-ordered lists etc).

      Links to any pages of your site should be specified, & any links to external sites should be provided.
      Image placement should also be detailed in these documents.


      Heading Hierarchy

      These range in visual importance from H1 – H5 in terms of on-screen display size & relative importance to Google (in terms of SEO).
      Here are examples for this site;

      This is an H2 Heading

      This is an H3 Heading

      This is an H4 Heading

      This is an H5 Heading


      These should be provided as vector artwork whenever possible.
      A common format is Adobe Illustrator EPS or SVG. If you have had your logo created by a graphic designer or a printer – they should be able to provide this file type.
      Important: Please ensure they convert all fonts to paths prior to output.
      Logo’s can also be provided as image files – as long as they can be provided in high resolution.



      All contact form fields (& type) should be specified in a separate document (name, email address etc), & it should be clear which page of your site the form(s) are to appear on. Which form fields are required for the form to be successfully submitted.

      Here are some basic form fields (& their explanations).

      Single Line Text
      Defines a one-line text input field.
      Text Area
      Defines a multi-line input field.
      Radio Button
      Radio buttons let a user select ONLY ONE of a limited number of choices.
      Checkboxes let a user select MORE THAN ONE option of a limited number of choices.
      Depending on browser support, a date picker can show up in the input field.
      Used for input fields that should contain an e-mail address.
      Defines a numeric input field.
      Used for input fields that should contain a URL address.


      These should be provided as bitmap (or raster) graphics.
      Specifically as PNG (or high quality JPG) files at 150 DPI in RGB, preferably to on-page display size.


      All videos should be provided as YouTube or Vimeo links for embedding on-site. If you don’t have a channel with either provider, I can help in setting this up for you.



      All artwork & images should be provided in the RGB colour space, not CMYK which is the traditional print based colour space.

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