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      Website Technical Requirements

      The technical information you’ll need to provide

      If you have an IT support team – I’m more than happy to liaise with them

      I will need domain & web hosting access regardless of whether your project is a new website, or a refresh/rebuild of an existing site.

      Domain Name

      If you already have a Domain Name

      If you already have a domain name (& you are not providing your own website hosting), all I require are login details to your service provider (for example Discount Domains). Or if you have an IT support team then please provide their contact details so that I can liaise directly with them .

      If you need a new Domain Name

      If your project is a completely new website, & you don’t have a domain name already, I am happy to take care of registration & management for you if you wish.
      You will of course retain ownership.

      Website Hosting

      If you already have website hosting

      I prefer to host the sites I build for a number of reasons*, but if you’d rather provide that hosting yourself – I can work with that.
      If you already have a website, & aren’t already using WordPress a few technical requirements need to be met before any work can proceed.
      Your website hosting provider must support the following technologies;

      • PHP (scripting language)
      • MySQL (database)
      • Apache or Linux (hosting environment)

      Login details for the website hosting control panel must be provided.

      If you require website hosting

      If you don’t already have website hosting, I can provide this service for you. If however you wish to obtain your own (as stated above) that’s ok too, as long as the technical requirements are met.

      * I prefer to host the sites I build for the following reasons, 1) there’s one less link in the support chain should any issues arise; therefore I can resolve those issues faster 2) I use high performing, secure, scale-able web server technology that is likely faster & more economical than your current provider.

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