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      Website Technical Requirements

      What technical information you’ll need to provide

      Domain Name

      If you already have a Domain Name

      If you already have a domain name (& you are not providing your own website hosting), all I require are login details to your service provider (for example Discount Domains).
      This is so that I can point your domain name to my website hosting environment.
      If you are providing your own website hosting, then you’ll need to arrange this with your service providers (it will likely already be taken care).

      If you need a new Domain Name

      If your project is a completely new website, & you don’t have a domain name already, I am happy to take care of registration & management for you if you wish.
      You will of course retain ownership.

      You can provide login details here →

      Website Hosting

      If you already have website hosting

      If you already have a website, then there are a few technical requirements before any work can proceed.
      Your website hosting company must provide support for the following technologies;

      • PHP (scripting language)
      • MySQL (database)
      • Apache or Linux (hosting environment)

      Login details for the website hosting control panel must be provided if this is the case.

      If you require website hosting

      If you don’t already have website hosting, I can provide this service for you. If however you wish to obtain your own – that’s fine too, as long as the above technical requirements are met.

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