Why SSL?

Security, Consumer Confidence & Google

The biggest reason every website should switch to HTTPS (or use an SSL Certificate) is security. Tasks like logging in, performing administrative actions, accepting form submissions and making payments, should all be encrypted to make it harder for third parties to gain access to sensitive information.

It also benefits consumer confidence in your brand. Your website visitors will know that their data is protected by a secure connection, and your website is vouched for by a trusted Certificate Authority.

It has become so important that Google is even ranking sites that use HTTPS higher than sites that don’t use HTTPS. Google isn’t alone in preferring HTTPS – modern APIs and web services also require it.

In fact, as of October last year, Google is flagging sites that aren’t HTTPS as insecure.

I take security very seriously, & as part of my recent improvement in hosting services can offer SSL certificates for just a one-time installation & setup fee – no annual registration fee.

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