Why the increase in hosting charge?

The solution I was offering you was not meeting my expectations

Last year I reluctantly undertook to move all of my client sites from my past supplier, to what was (hopefully) going to be a much-improved service. You may recall that I mentioned this in an email to you at some point during 2017.

My initial reluctance was due to the fact it was a time-consuming, somewhat technical (& slightly nerve-wracking) process – which I wasn’t charging my time to undertake. I knew I had to do something to improve the service I was offering in this space, or risk losing you, my valued clients.

I’m delighted to say that after weeks of running this process (a site at a time – in total about 70 sites) I now have all (bar one) running from SiteGround.

I chose SiteGround after considerable research, & much talking to colleagues in the industry to gauge whether or not they thought this would be the way to go.

SiteGround has the reputation of offering the best support in the industry, & having now dealt with them on an almost daily basis tweaking things here, & tweaking things there – I can attest to this being the honest truth.

I won’t say that there will be no issues whatsoever now – when you’re dealing with computers saying something like that is courting disaster. However, what I can guarantee is that you now have a better performing site, running on much tighter security and if there is an issue I can have it sorted incredibly quickly.

Waiting for support to provide a solution within minutes (& that is the sort of time frames we’re talking about here) as opposed to 1-2 days (sometimes even longer) is a considerable improvement.

So I hope you won’t mind the slight increase in the charge for this service, you are getting a much more robust solution, that is important to me & hopefully you too.

If you do have any questions or concerns about this – don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Thanks so much for your continued support.

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