WordPress Training

Get the most out of your investment in WordPress

My WordPress training is designed for your business or organisation – I can help you get the most out of WordPress & your website.

Depending upon your specific requirements I can help you learn everything you’ll need to know about managing & updating your WordPress Website.

This is one-on-one training and is designed for people with a moderate skill level.

At the conclusion of the course you will be comfortable with the necessary basics required to update and administer your WordPress website.

What type of training is available?

  • Introduction to the WordPress Admin Panel
  • Creating Content including;
    • Pages
    • Blog Posts
    • Creating Links – internal and external
    • Moderating Blog post Comments
    • Uploading and adding Media (photos, videos, sound files) to your content
  • Basic SEO for your pages and posts
  • Promoting your new site

Things to be aware of

  • This training is not available for personal sites.
  • Administrator level login access is required.
  • You’ll need to be based in Christchurch to qualify for in person training.
  • There is a minimum charge of $100 +GST.

WordPress Training Survey

Please provide the following information so I can tailor your training to your requirements.